Monday, May 13, 2013

New Bars!

I love my bike.  Can you tell by the plethora of bike related posts lately?  However, I have been really wanting to add aero bars to it as a tri bike is not anywhere in my near future according to the hubs :)

I finally broke down and got them from Biker's Edge last week.  They were great to install them and adjust my fit accordingly.  Of course I added them on a week with terrible weather, and a crazy schedule, so I couldn't get out on them until almost a week later.

My first ride on them was on the causeway.  As much as I am growing tired of them, this was the perfect place to practice with them.  Nice, smooth, freshly paved, big shoulders, and very little traffic.  One of my friends from my tri group suggested that in getting used to them try to stay in the white line with them, so that is exactly what I did.  I found that I did much better than I thought I might, and I LOVE how they feel!  I have always struggled with slight shoulder pain on the bike, but this was not the case on the aeros!  I loved how I felt comfortable in them immediately and I was able to handle turns and curves in the road with them.  I also noticed that with my usual comfortable pace I was going 1-2 mph faster!  Sweet!

I even had a moment on the ride when I caught a good tail wind, and I was in aero and I was going 27-28 mph.  I seriously felt like I was flying!  Best.  Feeling. Ever.

I will then had a ride a few days later with them on the causeway with 30+ mph winds and they were awesome!  I felt that it was a more natural position on the bike and when I would get back up to regular position on the bike, I could definitely tell the difference in that I felt I was being blown around more.  I am really happy that I have these on my bike in time for my first century ride in a few weeks!

In the mean time, Happy Training all!

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