Friday, February 8, 2013


As of this morning, I am down 15.5 pounds since mid October! First is my disclaimer...I am not nor have ever been obese, or overweight.  However, my pants were starting to get too snug again and I knew that I was heavier than I wanted to be and had been at my healthiest.  I know that there is more to life than a number on a scale, and that is why I have never been after a certain number then or now to see.  I am looking to tone up, get faster, and fit into my clothes better, period.

So with that said, I got on the scale and noticed today that I am 15 pounds less than just over 4 months ago. This is almost to where I was before I ran my first marathon just over two years ago.  It is only 8 pounds over what my doctor and I have discussed would be my ideal weight.  I am so excited by this!  Though it is not about numbers, it does represent a lot of work on my part.  Here are somethings I have learned a long the way...

1) Weight loss is 80% diet.  I hate admitting this, because I love food...especially sugar.  I can do pretty good at sticking to a  training plan, but having discipline diet wise is hard for me.  I have been VERY good about it the past few months.  I don't go by any specific formula other than watch TOTAL calories for the day.  I try to stick between 1200-1500  a day depending on my training schedule and I use the app myfitnesspal to track them for me.  Every meal, every snack, every day.  I am a HUGE believer in protein.  I try to eat as much lean protein as possible, I have two protein shakes a day (usually breakfast and lunch) as well as snack on Greek Yogurt, almonds, string cheese, etc.

2)  All things in moderation.  I still eat with my family most meals.  I have found that if I have stuck to a good diet for the first part of the day, I can eat pretty much anything for dinner, with good portion control.  I am a working mom and we have crazy nights at our house.  I do pick up a pizza on the way home.  The difference is before I would eat 2-3 slices and a few bread sticks.  Now I have one slice and have a salad on the side.  I still do a daily sugar fix, but it is in the form of a few candy corns, or one cookie.  Not a while Snickers bar, or bag of M&Ms.

3)  Drink a lot  TONS of water.  I drink 10-13 glasses (8 oz) of water a day.  Granted, I also have my diet Coke habit in full force, so I am ALWAYS drinking something, but really try to get the water in.  I usually have 4 of those glasses between my two shakes a day.  Then I have another 32 ounces at work in my water bottle.  I also have a 24 ounce water bottle that I try to finish off with every work out.  With that formula, it really isn't that hard to get in that many ounces.

4)  Consistency is KEY.  I have been sticking to my training plan and missing very few work outs.  I have been consistent in my dieting.  I have been consistent in my water intake.

I am excited about this!  I am excited that in this weight loss I am seeing results across the board.  I feel great.  I am healthy and have amazing energy levels.  I also am seeing faster times and better performances in my trainings and few races I have done this year.    I really think that part of that success is simply due to the fact that I am hauling 15 pounds less around!

So, here's to sticking with it and having better times, more consistent performances, and looking less like a stuffed sausage in my tri suit this season!

In the meantime...Happy Training All!


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I started counting calories again (did it in 2008 to go from 140+ to 130, maintained for a couple years). I'm trying to come down from 131 lbs after the holidays to 120 lbs end of March-ish. I'm at 126 today. Your post really drove home exactly what I need to focus on and your success gives me motivation, which I'm often lacking. I'm really coming around to realising it's 80% diet...which is also too bad for me as I also love to eat, and bake and cook and eat. :) Looking forward to more updates. I eat around 1550 calories a day which keeps me sane, but I suppose if I want to get to 120 lbs faster I should try to cut more. I definitely need to drink more water...Thanks again! (GreenMtnLabbit from BT)

  2. Nicely done ! I'm in the same boat as you (and Jessica!) .. I run a lot and people think "oh, you workout to much, you can eat whatever you want!" Unfortunately, a 5 mi run "only" burns about 450 calories, which isn't that much. I was stuck at 140 for a while after having the baby, and I'm down to the high 120s now. Would LOVE to be closer to 120, but the discipline.. le sigh. It's tougher now that I'm 30 !