Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Training and Travelling

These past two weeks have been crazy.  I had two back to back out of town conferences that I had to go to.  I spent 20+ hours in the car driving to and from these conferences.  I was faced with the challenges of trying to do SOME kind of training while on the road and in hotels, as well as trying to stick to my diet while eating out.  YIKES!

The first week was a complete FAIL in both regards.  It was hard to find healthy food in Vegas.  I could have done better, but it really wasn't too bad.  The second thing that killed me down there was the RIDICULOUS hours of the hotel gym.  From 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.  Am I the only one that thinks these were awful!  I had to be at my conference by 8 am, so the morning was out.  Then we didn't get out of the conference till almost 5 and then had dinner, so we couldn't make it there by 7 pm.  So stupid!  I was really bummed as I had taken my swim suit and my running stuff in hopes of at least hitting the treadmill.  No such luck.  The result?  Gained 4 pounds.

This second week in Logan has been a different story.  I have done well on the breakfast and lunch and snacks.  Dinner has been ok, could have been better, could have been worse.  But, I did work out.  I went on a run around the campus we were on, then we ran hill repeats five times.  It was fun to have athletic people along with me, and it was fun.  They kicked my trash, but it was fun.  It was easier to stay motivated to have others holding me accountable, and I was able to not only get some runs in, but I swam laps at the campus pool and got in a good ride.  So glad to see that is paid off to pack it all.

Which brings me to another "You know you are a triathlete when"  moments.  You know you are a triathlete when you pack more exercise/training clothes than every day clothes and refuse to ride up with a colleague because how else will you get your bike up?  Yep, joined the club, bought the shirt, drank the koolaid :)

Happy Training all!

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